Sustainable Construction

In terms of sustainability it is important for us all to look after the environment we live in. The sustainable construction and building codes and techniques for the successful running of our homes, forms a vital part in achieving this.

As builders focusing and specialising on sustainable solutions, we ensure that during construction there are a number of ‘green’ criteria we monitor with a view to reducing the impact on our environment:

  • Waste products recycling – many of the materials previously regarded as waste products can actually be recycled and re-used.
  • Responsible sourcing – build materials and in particular timber is responsibly sourced and certificated to ensure that it comes from responsible sources where timber is replanted and managed.
  • Monitoring of utility usage – the use of essential resources during construction such as power and water is carefully monitored and minimised where possible.

Sustainable Homes

We promote the construction of homes designed to meet high standards of sustainability and reduced environmental impact.

AECB Silver

We have constructed many homes to meet Sustainable Code 4 & 5, Carbon reduction Targets, The London Plan and AECB silver. To achieve these we focus on a number of key factors:

  • Achieving high levels of Air Tightness
  • Fitting High Performance Insulation
  • Reduce Thermal Bridging
  • Installing energy efficient heating systems including Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Installing Photovoltaic Panels to generate electricity
  • Grey water harvesting and flow restrictors when requested

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